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Mecania Automation Oy

Production Automation Solutions from Idea to Maintenance of 20 year’s experience

Mecania’s business idea is to offer production automation solutions that improve our Customers production from idea-to-maintenance for entire lifecycle.

Our project provides full-service from idea-to-maintenance: design, material management, assembly and testing, transmission, installation, commissioning and after-sales service. Example of our deliveries are the handling and assembly devices of small pieces and roll-to-roll machines. We have experience in many different industries. Our modern production facilities are well suited for delivery projects.

Our contract manufacturing service comprise design, material management, assembly, testing and delivery. For examples, we are dealing with technically demanding machines and installations involving automation control systems and software. Our customers also have the opportunity to execute production in modern production facilities.

Mecania’s values also serve the interests of our customers. We appreciate our customers and we have good co-operation with our customers and suppliers. Our customers can count on the quality and delivery time of products, they also benefits of new ideas and our way to operation.


Valuation –We value our customers and our employees.

Co-operation – Good co-operation between employees and also with customers and suppliers.

Trust – There is a confidence among our employees. Our customers can count on the quality and delivery time of products.

Renewal – New ideas and our way to operation, as well as the latest technology, benefits us and our customers.


We provide to our customers production automation solutions that improve production from idea-to-maintenance.


The customer chooses Mecania when the entirety matters!


Mecania use high level suppliers and collaborators like: